President Chance Miller

A message from Chance:
I would like to thank all of my supporters for standing behind me, even those who were unable to vote, and those who so kindly helped take down the posters. Victory has been achieved!

© 2006 All Rights Reserved. lol.

"Vote for me!"
-Chance Miller, the candidate himself

"I'd vote for him if I could."
-Mr. Scanlan, Staff

"Great! Chance is the best thing since sliced bread!"
-Wei Chin

"Finally, someone who has the intelligence and the initiative to deserve the position. I trust he'll come through."
-Peter Cai

"Chance Miller is a great person who really cares about the people... [he] will make a big difference in the school and beyond."
-Stephen Eng

"3 of my two thumbs up - do not disclose my name."

"If Chance can't do it, no one can!"
-Mike Chu

"I think chance miller is DA bomb. He would make a great president, fo shure."
-Victoria Wu, Senior

"He's sexy!"
-Kevin Yeh

"I think Chance can do this Job Justice!"
-Jonathan Romero

"The right choice."
-Thomas Mou
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