About Chance

Chance Miller will provide a NEW DEAL as senior president of 2007.

A brilliant student, Chance Miller is a junior who enrolls in advanced and honors level courses. For the first time in NQHS history, Chance was serious enough about his career in student government to run an actual campaign. As president, Chance promises to make sweeping changes throughout the school for the better. While other, more generic, candidates may say they are "open to suggestions" and "responsible," Chance actually has the initiative to make improvements of his own will. Through his New Deal program and Open Door Policy, North Quincy will seize back the day.

See Chance's agenda: Why Chance?

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"Vote for me!"
-Chance Miller, the candidate himself

"I'd vote for him if I could."
-Mr. Scanlan, Staff

"Great! Chance is the best thing since sliced bread!"
-Wei Chin

"Finally, someone who has the intelligence and the initiative to deserve the position. I trust he'll come through."
-Peter Cai

"Chance Miller is a great person who really cares about the people... [he] will make a big difference in the school and beyond."
-Stephen Eng

"3 of my two thumbs up - do not disclose my name."

"If Chance can't do it, no one can!"
-Mike Chu

"I think chance miller is DA bomb. He would make a great president, fo shure."
-Victoria Wu, Senior

"He's sexy!"
-Kevin Yeh

"I think Chance can do this Job Justice!"
-Jonathan Romero

"The right choice."
-Thomas Mou
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