Sound Board!
Hear Chance Speak!

Vote for me!
It's TIME for PAIN!
It's time to be president!
I put the PAIN back in camPAIN!
It's a good day to die!
I will offer North Quincy High School a new deal!
It's time for a new deal!

Coming soon:

A vote against Chance is a vote against America!
Mr. Ioanilli, tear up this rug!

© 2006 All Rights Reserved. lol.

"Vote for me!"
-Chance Miller, the candidate himself

"I'd vote for him if I could."
-Mr. Scanlan, Staff

"Great! Chance is the best thing since sliced bread!"
-Wei Chin

"Finally, someone who has the intelligence and the initiative to deserve the position. I trust he'll come through."
-Peter Cai

"Chance Miller is a great person who really cares about the people... [he] will make a big difference in the school and beyond."
-Stephen Eng

"3 of my two thumbs up - do not disclose my name."

"If Chance can't do it, no one can!"
-Mike Chu

"I think chance miller is DA bomb. He would make a great president, fo shure."
-Victoria Wu, Senior

"He's sexy!"
-Kevin Yeh

"I think Chance can do this Job Justice!"
-Jonathan Romero

"The right choice."
-Thomas Mou
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